The age-old answer to turn a friend to be something more?




Variety is EVERYTHING and it rings true in ALL aspects of your interactions with women if you want to turn a friend to be your girlfriend.


The more emotions she feels around you, the stronger an impression you'll make.  The more interesting things she learns about you and tells you about herself, the more deeply she'll feel connected to you.


And the more places she visits and things she does and sees with you, the longer she'll feel she's known you.


And the longer a woman who is attracted to you has known you, the more inclined she will be to acting on that attraction and go further with you into a deeper, more "romantic"



What you want is for your girl to come with you on a handful of different adventures, you want to keep stirring up emotions in her; happy, sad, annoyed, angry, irritated, fun, sensual, sexual, flirty, etc… it doesn’t really matter.



Have you had friends who just couldn’t seem to see eye to eye with one another, who couldn’t stand one another, always arguing, quarrelling and suddenly one day you see the both of them hooking up together as a couple?


I have.


Many times.


Why and how did it happen?


The tension was always there, emotions were stirred, without them realizing it, the constant provocation of emotions were actually setting up the stage for a deeply,

passionate relationship.


So again, it’s really more about MEMORIES you create in her and less about the TIME you know each other that sparks attraction in a woman.


Sharing more experiences in a shorter amount of time makes a closer, DEEPER connection.


The premise of distorting a woman’s senses to spark attraction is based on a psychological phenomenon known as Response Facilitation (RF).


This is the process of strengthening the dominant response in a particular situation. You are going to use it to strengthen her emotional responses and get her to REALLY

like you and see you a little more than a friend.


This is how it works.


Understand that emotions basically consist of two parts: a cognitive component (what you're thinking) and a physiological component (what you're feeling).


The cognitive, “thinking component” determines WHAT emotion you're feeling… while the physiological, “feeling component” determines the INTENSITY of that



For example, if you're thrilled with someone, you're thinking all kinds of "exciting" thoughts about that person (This is great fun! Can’t wait to do this again!).


 You're also experiencing certain physiological sensations throughout your body that indicate that you’re excited such as an increased heart rate, increased

blood pressure, mild sweating, adrenaline surging throughout your veins, etc..


And the more intense the physiological aspects become, the more exhilaration you FEEL.


The state of being thrilled has more to do with the cognitive, “thinking” component, than with the physiological, "feeling" component.


You're thinking "thrilling" thoughts first and your body starts reacting to what you are thinking.


Use states of PHYSIOLOGICAL arousal to intensify her emotional responses. Remember, the arousal part of emotions is pretty similar from one emotion to the next, and the amount of arousal present determines the INTENSITY of the experienced emotion.


Now that you understand this, you’ll have to think of ways to come up with situations where she is highly likely to experience increased levels of arousal, and to pair YOURSELF with that arousal.


So, in a nutshell, you should be able to take a girl who likes you (someone who has mild physiological arousal when you're around) and make her REALLY like you, by adding "extra" arousal to the situation.


The extra arousal will add up with that that is already present so as to increase the intensity of her emotional response toward you.


So how do you go about it doing it?


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You do it by simply doing enjoyable AND arousing things together by having fun AND amping up the teasing, flirting and sexual tension when you’re together.


Most of these activities involve doing something FUN and extremely enjoyable that appeals to her five senses.


FUN and arousal, if you don’t already know, always leads to LOVE and PASSION.


For example… 


You can take her to an amusement park.


The crazy rollercoasters, drenching waterslides, breath-taking ferri wheels will not only increase her heart  rate but also her sense of arousal.


It gives you both a chance to hug one another, to accidentally touch, kiss, hold one another, and so on…


As you’re both getting onboard the rollercoaster, you give her your hand, she grabs it, you hold on to it, you look deep into her eyes, if she doesn’t let go, it means she likes



As you’re flying up and down, if she’s comfortable with you, she might hug on to you and you grab on tightly to her and bring her closer into you.


You can playfully kiss her and tell her “Janice, this is to calm you down”.


The smallest of things, the simplest of things works wonders, the activities you’re doing  together will give you unlimited opportunities and chances to go kino, to get physical with her, unlike everyday shopping and boring talk will ever do.


It won’t look like you’re taking advantage or that you’re trying to put a move and on her because it’s as NATURAL as it can ever be!


It’s really a very powerful way to turn a friend into a lover.


In other ways to turn a friend to a girlfriend, you need to intensify her feelings; take her to these places so that she loses track of time passing.


Take her to a place where there are constant ACTIVITY and MOVEMENT so she gets caught up in the atmosphere – embark on some kind of journey together, distract her mind with new sights, new people, new experiences.


The pace of your seduction and attraction effort must pick up at a certain moment to create a whirling effect in her mind.


The point is for you to get creative in creating OPPORTUNITIES for yourself in order for her to see a WHOLE NEW SIDE to you that she’s NEVER seen and experienced before.


if you've always been clueless and wondering…


"How do I turn a friend into a girlfriend?"


"How do I nail that ONE girl who only treats me as a friend?"


"How do I get out of the friend zone and get her to see me as



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Succeeding with Asian women—and succeeding in life, really — is all about expanding your “comfort zone.”
If you currently are not dating and having sex on a regular basis with attractive women, then it’s time for you to make some changes.

Here’s a solid piece of advice to start with:
Get To Know The “Gate Keepers.”

It’s very important for you to start building “gate keeper” relationships. This means making AAF’s (Asian Female Friends) who will then give you access to more Asian women. You probably won’t be having sex with any of these AAFs. Their function will be to introduce you to their cute friends and get you into their social circles.
When Asian women go out, they tend to hang together in groups, and it can be extremely hard to “penetrate” the group and introduce yourself when you don’t know any of them. The best possible way to meet a beautiful Asian girl is to be introduced to her by one of her friends who knows you (and “vouches” for you as a good guy).

Many times I’ve been in nightclubs in California or Las Vegas and I see a group of Asian girls I’d love to be with. Some of them are very cute, but usually there are one or two girls in the group who are short, chubby and unattractive. Those are the girls that it’s easy to make friends with. Then, the next time they all go out to the club or to a party, guess what? You’ll be invited to come along, and you can get to know all of them in a way that feels comfortable and natural for everyone. The “gate keeper” will go out of her way to make sure you are enjoying yourself and meeting all of her friends.

Asian women are really cool in this way. I’ve known plain-looking divorced Asian women in their 40s who I never slept with (and didn’t want to), but because I was friendly and charming towards them, they bent over backwards to fix me up with their cute, younger single friends!

I have met awesome “gate keepers” at my work. These women are starved for attention from men, so they’re happy to make friends with me. In a lot of cases, as soon as I mention that I’m single, the woman will start offering to introduce me to her single Asian friends who are looking for boyfriends! (Like I said, Asian women love to play “match maker” and hook up their friends with nice guys—especially a nice foreign guy.)

The next thing you know, you might get invited to a birthday party where you’re surrounded by 20 Asian women and you’re the only foreigner—so of course, they’re all curious to meet you, and your gate keeper friend is introducing you to everyone. 

You can meet these “gate keepers” anywhere—it could be your neighbor, a woman at your job, from your church, a class you are taking, etc.

So, building your network of casual Asian female friends is the first step. When you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can become the organizer of social activities. Host a dinner party and tell your gate keepers to bring some single friends to meet you and your friends.

Plan a picnic or barbeque at the beach. This way, you’re taking the responsibility off of the gate keeper (these women are normally putting themselves in charge of organizing activities for their social groups), and you are offering to plan a fun occasion for her and her friends. They’ll be thrilled when you extend this type of initiation.

Know How To Read The Signals.

For a lot of years I just didn’t “get it.” I missed out on so many opportunities to bang Asian women because I didn’t “take the hint” and recognize that these women wanted to sleep with me! I thought they were just being friendly, and I didn’t want to risk making a move and getting rejected. Knowing how to read the “attraction signals” of Asian women will save you a lot of regret later on.

Once you start making more Asian female friends and spending time hanging out with them, you will notice the slight verbal and nonverbal “cues” that they use to communicate their interest in you.

In the past, I’d have AFF’s say things to me like, “So what are you doing this weekend?” “Can you help me with my homework?” “I’m so stressed out, let’s go drinking.” Or they’d give me compliments like “Wow, do you work out?” Or, “you’re so smart.” I thought they were just being friendly. I didn’t realize that Asian women typically won’t say these kinds of things, due to their shyness. The fact that they were saying these things, and extending invitations to, really meant one thing: they wanted to fuck me.

When I was in graduate school, I had cute classmates from Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand come to my crappy little on-campus apartment to study with me. I thought they just wanted to study; I didn’t want to creep them out by trying something sexual. But now I realize that they were totally up for sex. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been hanging out at my apartment until midnight. It was an unusually aggressive move for an Asian woman to invite herself to my place to “study” at night. But I didn’t read the signal— so we would study, and she would go home. If only I’d read the signals and “escalated” with these girls (read the “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” book for more information on this process).

She might make the first move by inviting herself over, but the next move is always going to be up to you. If you don’t escalate, nothing sexual is going to happen.

Now I realize that when a female Asian co-worker or “friend” asks me to come over and see her house, because she wants to get my opinion on whether she should sell it, renovate it, or whatever, I read the signals and I know what this “invitation” is really about. I always show up with a small “house warming” gift, and within minutes of me walking in the door she is practically tearing my clothes off.

Follow up on all hints of interest in a polite and focused manner. If she says “you should come see my house sometime,” don’t just say “yeah, OK, let me know when you want me to come by.” Tell her you can come by on Saturday or Sunday, and ask her which is better for her. Make a plan. Don’t blow your chance.

Love them and they will love you back with great intensity.

I’ve noticed that Asian men tend to treat their women rather poorly compared to how we treat women as Westerners. (Honestly, a lot of Western guys go overboard when they like a girl…kissing her ass, spending money on her, trying to rush her into committing to a serious relationship, etc. I always respect women and treat them like a gentleman, but you never want to act like a spineless chump who feels lucky to be with her.)

If an Asian woman is extremely beautiful by the standards of her society, then of course guys are going to kiss her ass and treat her like a princess. But that’s only 1% or 2% of Asian women. The rest are often severely lacking in self-confidence. If she’s past her mid-twenties and still single, she may be afraid that she’ll never find a man. Where she comes from, women are held to an extremely high standard.

If she’s been married before, or already has a kid, most Asian guys wouldn’t even consider dating her. If she’s older than 26, she’s also

considered to be “past her expiration date.” And the standards of beauty where she comes from are incredibly high: you’ve got to be tall, graceful, have flawless skin, and be from a good family. This is why most Asian women are self-conscious about their looks and don’t consider themselves to be special or unique.
The point is, by loving the Asian woman that you are with at the moment and giving her your complete attention, you will make her feel extremely special. This means keep your cell phone turned off, hold her hand in a proud way when you walk with her, pay for everything, be polite and respectful, and tell her the little things about her that you find cute or sexy. (Her laugh, her smile, her hair, the way she walks, etc.)

When she says negative things about herself, don’t allow it. Communicate to her that she is totally unique and special to you. Take her out to do fun things—go on weekend trips, romantic “date nights,” sports games, etc. When you share your fun experiences with her, this will make her feel bonded to you.

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We can verbally tell someone that we are attracted to the other person, but a majority of the time it is being told through our body language. That is also the most reliable way of telling if a woman is attracted to you. Words can be deceived, but the body never lies (that's why we have lie detector tests!).

Not every girl will exhibit the same body language signs to show that she is attracted to you, but here are 3 body language signs to look out for. If you see her doing any of these, you can tell that she is attracted to you.

1. Hair touching
This is a classic. It has evolutionary merits, but all you need to know is that if she is playing with her hair while you're talking to her, she is attracted to you.

2. Interlocking Fingers
Whenever you hold a woman's hand, is she interlacing her fingers with yours or not? Or if you give her a high five and you hold your hand up, does she interlace her fingers with yours? These are simple physical tests you can do to test if she is attracted to you. If she interlocks her fingers with yours, she is definitely attracted.

3. Licking Her Lips
How do you know when a woman is ready to be kissed? Pay close attention to a her lips. Women will lick their lips, apply lipstick, or slightly pout their lips when they are ready to be kissed. These are subconscious invitations for you to make a move!

Reading body language the right way is really important when it comes to attracting women. Read them wrong and she will reject you. Read them correctly and your dating life will be turned upside down.

Love Systems, the premier dating company, has released a DVD set which will teach you how to read women's body language like an expert. Plus you will learn how to look confident and build attraction using your body language. Click here for more info.

In the book The Ultimate to Text and Phone Game you can read a new trick to make a phone number more solid. What that mean is that the girl is more likely to respond to your first call or text message. The technique is called Fortifying The Beaches and it will be described in this article. The first thing you have to do is get her phone number.  So a few minutes after you get her phone number, you continue the conversation. A few minutes later you pretend you received a text message but you are actually going to send her a text message. The first text will be something playful and flirty. It can be something like: "Hey this cute girl is talking to me, but I don't know how to flirt with her.  Help?" If you can use any references to your conversation, that would be even better. This is also called callback humor which is more explored in the book. In most cases the girl will check her phone and she will see you texted. Now you have to pretend like you know nothing about it and you just keep the conversation going. She will usually text you back something funny and you can do this flirting back and forth while you both pretend nothing is happening. What is so great about this is that you two already have a bunch of text messages going back and forth even before you two go separate ways. So the next day when you text her, you don't complete start cold because you two already communicated over text. This technique will make a lot of your phone numbers solid and having girls respond to your initial text message the next day. For more tips and tricks likes these, check out The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game.

Approach anxiety is a brick wall I hear about all the time that guys hit in game. It is not unnatural, it is completely normal, you are just passing through one of the stages that everyone who gets into game goes through. So let’s get to it.

(BTW: We have a model that shows you the phases you go through from meeting a woman to sleeping with her. It’s all detailed in the seduction bible Magic Bullets.)

Why do we get AA?
The # 1 reason we get approach anxiety is our ‘Fear of Rejection’. Our minds tell us not to approach people we don’t know as it is outside of our comfort zones. You have to realize that males are logical creatures (females are emotional), and that being the case, our mind will give us logical reasons not to approach to keep us safe, to keep us comfortable, and will put our comfort above our happiness.

Examples of these logical reasons not to approach are ‘she’s probably got a boyfriend’, ‘she looks like she’s in a hurry’, ‘she’s not attractive enough’ (If she is not attractive then fair enough lol, but even still, for 6′s and up practice makes perfect!). Any of these sound familiar? The list could go on forever.

Yes, if you don’t approach that girl you’ve been thinking about approaching, you’ll be safe from rejection, but you won’t necessarily be happy with yourself.

Annihilating Approach Anxiety
Something I learnt from Jeet Kune Do was a concept – ‘Don’t Think, Just Do’. In short, we were taught not to think, just do, when conditioning, or fine tuning a new move/combo. What this does is it doesn’t enable your mind to think of everything that you should be doing, it doesn’t let your mind over complicate things, you just do it. This is something I linked when I first heard of the 3 second rule. Three seconds is about the time it takes for our brains to receive a signal and respond. In other words the time it takes for us to see the girl, and begin coming up with the logical reasons to not approach.

This is why, if you do get approach anxiety, you have to let your body do the deciding & approach within 3 seconds, otherwise your mind will take control and will do everything in its power to stop you doing so. This doesn’t mean you can’t approach after 3 seconds, it will just get more & more difficult because you will dwell on the fact that you know you should be approaching, but you aren’t.

If you ever begin thinking too much, to the point you feel anxiety kicking in, just say out loud to yourself ‘Fuck It, what’s the worst that could happen’.

The next point I wanted to make, is don’t take it so seriously. You’re not putting this much effort into mastering this area of your life to make yourself crap your pants, you’re learning it so you can go out and enjoy yourself and meet many beautiful women along the way, as well as helping them enjoy themselves by meeting a great guy.

A great concept to go out with is ‘Leave others better off than when you first met’. So if you feel yourself getting approach anxiety, take a step back, take a deep breath, and laugh. Realize you’re putting way too much thought into this and you’re not having fun! One suggestion is going to the same bar a lot and getting used to it there.

It can help you relax, as you will become comfortable with your surroundings, you’ll begin to make friends who go there regularly, as well as making connections with the bartenders, doorman, DJ etc. I recommend getting familiar at a bar where you know lots of hot girls go. It’s money.

Improving your social interactions is a skill set. So you have to warm that skill set up. With that in mind, each day/night you go out, do some warm up sets. These don’t have to be full blown conversations, they can be openers as quick as ‘Hey what’s the time?’, ‘Hey do you know what time this place shuts?’, ‘Hey do you know what the nearest tube station is?’.

All the warm up sets are designed to do is get you in the mood of approaching. Use this rule, ‘The first 3 sets don’t count’. Your first three sets are your warm up sets, so until you’ve opened three sets, don’t worry about what happens.

Something Braddock says that I thought was helpful with overcoming approach anxiety is to say in a little girls voice inside your head ‘Oh no I’m too scared to go up and talk to strangers I couldn’t do that’. It made me laugh because you realize how stupid it sounds. Remember you’re a man, what the fuck is scary about talking to someone you haven’t met? Grab your balls by the hand and go have fun like a man would.

What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

Actually stop, and ask yourself, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’. A girl could tell you to fuck off? A girl could slap you? Her boyfriend could come over and kick your ass? Let me tell you that I’ve tried & also seen guys do some outrageous stuff while experimenting in field, but I’ve never been or seen a guy (knock on wood) get slapped by a girl, been confronted by an angry boyfriend, never had a drink thrown over me, sure I’ve been told to fuck off, but that’s the worst I think I’ve ever had.

So you want to know what that feels like? Go up to a group of hot girls and say ‘Hey can you tell me to fuck off’, they’ll most likely not say it to begin with, but get them to say it to you. There, you’ve just been blown out in the worst way possible. Not as bad as you thought huh.

Mr. M told me something that I haven’t forgotten, and that was -

“You have to fail to succeed, so fail fast”

It is so true. The best of the best out there are the ones that have failed the most times, yet undoubtedly, also succeeded the most. I actually like sets that I get blown out from now, they are the ones you learn most from, and where would be the fun without the challenge?!

You wouldn’t be attempting this if it wasn’t challenging, that’s why it’s so rewarding, because your efforts pay off. So don’t beat yourself up the next time you get blown out, just say to yourself ‘Lesson learnt’, & move onto your next set.

Do I Need to Become Confident to Approach?

Some people say you have to be ‘Confident’ to approach successfully. But what is confidence? Maxwell Maltz summed this up in personally the best way possible. He said -

“Confidence is your capacity, to rise above a mistake”

To me, that is exactly what confidence is. And how do you rise above a mistake? You do that thing 1000 times. So I want to get better at football, how do I do it? Go and play football. I want to get better at running, how can I? Go and run. I want to get better at approaching, what do I do? GO AND APPROACH!
An awesome analogy from Mystery about confidence is, not becoming confident, but becoming competent. Becoming competent is basically doing something enough times so that you become accustom to doing it. He says to think of it like jumping into a freezing cold pool.

The 1st time you jump in, it’s absolutely freezing cold and you want to get out as soon as possible. The 2nd and 3rd time it’s still cold, but it’s not as bad. Then the 4th, 5th, 6th times it becomes fun and you keep getting out and jumping back in. But then you dry off and go to bed.

The next day, it’s back to square one, the first time jumping back in that freezing cold pool again is going to be horrible. But it’s the only way you’re going to get used to it. So learn to love it.

For me it boils down to this, men do the approaching, women do the choosing. Men don’t choose if they’re going to have sex with the woman (even if that is what we portray) and women very rarely do the approaching, unless they’re drunk.

I guarantee, if you do this every day, even after a couple weeks, you won’t wake up thinking ‘I have to approach strangers today’, you’ll find yourself just doing it, and the habit will begin to grow, to the point where it becomes a part of you to start conversations with people you don’t know. Better yet, you’ll actually begin to enjoy it.

If you want find more information on overcoming approaching anxiety, grab a copy of this audio download.

You wont be surprised to know that hot women on dating sites are hammered with emails almost on an hourly basis. Fortunately the majority of the messages are pathetic and simply say – ‘you’re a hottie, want to chat’ or ‘how are you tonight’, so it shouldn’t be hard to stand out from the crowd with a witty and provocative message.

Keep an opening message short with a reason for messaging her. Try and find soemething in her profile that stands out and ask her a question about it.

Remember this is meant to be fun so keep it flirty! If she’s into skydiving tell her you can see she likes to live dangerously but can she iron a shirt?

It’s important to remember that there is no voice tone or body language with email so be careful not to come across as offensive and rude if you’re trying to be flirty and funny.

You might have heard the term NEG from pick up artists such as Mystery and Neil Strauss. This is basically a back handed compliment aimed at lowering a girls self esteem so she is more open to an approach.

Never ‘neg’ online – it doesn’t work. I am not a fan of the whole concept of negging and much prefer the ‘cocky funny’ approach of David Deangelo.

Always come from a position of confidence and assume she wants to meet you. It’s highly unlikely she’s talking to you to be polite; high quality women are far too busy for this.

Hot women on dating sites are often looking for something different from the guys they meet in bars and clubs so this is your chance to show you have attractive qualities even if you don’t have traditional good looks.

If you do start an email conversation with a girl online try to escalate to IM after about 2 or 3 emails. Always make sure to appear busy and don’t instantly reply to messages.

Build comfort with her on instant messenger then tell her you have stuff to do but you’ll call her when you are out so you can talk like grown ups. This will let her see you are confident and assuming she will happily give her your number.

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Did you see the two dating coaches that appeared on the Tyra Banks show?

In case you missed it, Love Systems dating coaches Braddock and Savoy appeared on the Tyra Banks show this week. Watch the video now.

The name of the episode was “The Secret Code of Men” where the Bro Code was discussed. This was actually copied from the show How I Met Your Mother where Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris) is one the best pickup artists. But Love Systems was there to show how men can learn to pickup women like Barney does.

Super Model Tyra assesses the Love Systems approach to meeting and attracting hot women. Theses proven sytems and routines come from the popular Magic bullets and Routines Manual. Watch the video and see how how Braddock and Savoy help an average guy surge from hero to zero with the girls and getting their numbers!

Tyra was left in no doubt about the power of Love Systems

If you want to learn more about Love Systems, check out the video now. Grab a copy of Love Systems Routines Manual and you’ll soon have all the lines, routines, and techniques to help you get the girls!

If you are no longer in your 20′s and you want to attract and date hot young women then listen up! It’s all too common for men to think they need to be rich, famous or have the techniques or a super pickup artist to date beautiful young women.

This is total BS!

This kind of crap is spread about by older women and young guys who are scared of a bit of competition. Even older guys spread this myth to reinforce their own fear of failure and rejection.

Any uptight women reading this might shoot me down when I say this, but for the most part dating younger women is more fun! Why? Becuase they are less jaded, less cynical, have less baggage and they are fun loving and up for adventure.

Ok, let me give you a couple of awesome tips for getting younger hotties……

1) Don’t try and be 21 if your 41 – The classic mistake older guys make is they go to clubs full of 20 somethings wearing ‘cool’ t-shirts and spouting slightly out of date ‘street slang’. Don’t try and beat young women at their own game. They’ll just class you as a loser and walk away. Play to your strengths and demonstrate your worldly experience. Talk about art, travel and adventure. Don’t wear ‘cool’ clothes, wear a classy suit that exudes power.

Power and success are a huge turn on for younger women. Hang out in cool wine bars, not loud clubs. In short, operate on your turf and on your terms.

2) Turn the tables on her - Rather than being a sad loser chasing young chicks, get those hot young chicks chasing you. How? By demonstrating you are a man with options who chooses to be single. Make her show you that she’s a classy sophisticated girl who needs to raise her game to your level rather than you going down to hers.

As ever, successful seduction is all about attitude without arrogance. Be confident in who you are and the girls will want to be around you.

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Nick N

What does NLP stand for? Well, it’s easier to describe than to explain, but let me try. NLP means Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in other words it is the act of using body language, modulation and tone of voice to elicit someones attetion.
There are several strategies that you can try that will guarantee your chances of seducing a woman and winning that date.

Seducing a woman requires many different techniques. Different communication skills types are required to fuel their desires and fantasies. Inter-personal communication with a sense humor is a must. Listening & comprehending what a woman says is necessary for basic NLP and is the first step in seduction.

Most people, if not all, don’t know that NLP Seduction is about the fact that you as an individual can train your own mind to act the way you want in certain situations. For instance, you can program your mind to be attractive and catch the attention of the woman you are trying to seduce. In that way, she can easily fall for that highly attractive persona in you that will lead to a successful seduction.

NLP is about creating that good “First Impressions”. If you show a bad first impression, you might have a hard time winning that so called “special connection” with the woman you want.

Confidence is also a critical factor that you must consider. It’s all about the way you present yourself, the way dress and the way you carry yourself. It doesn’t matter what you say but how you say it!

Remember, you are seducing the woman you like so talk sensibly, manage the tone of your voice. This is where NLP comes in, you need NLP seduction to command body gestures, language and appearance. Boost your self esteem. Most women can sense if you are naive and weak because it shows on your voice and appearance, thus giving them a reason to reject you.

In conclusion, using NLP techiniques will ensure you successfully seduce your dream girl. You just need to practice and apply these techniques in your day to day life. You can ask your female friends to judge your progress until you perfect everything. Of course, this will not happen overnight. You need to constantly practice the techniques learned and use them in an appropriate way. Just don’t forget to wear that confidence in you and you’ll be the next happiest guy in your neighborhood together with the girl of your dreams.

Guest writer – Prince

Most of us, being boys, have flirted with women since 5th  grade.  Remember Tracey the first girl in class who started wearing a bra because she was developing her breasts earlier and faster than the other females?  How many times have we flashed a smile when she passed by, hoping to win a similar smile from her?  Alas, that’s flirting, my friend!

But how to flirt with women with the end goal of getting them to bed is an entirely different matter.
How to flirt with women to get them to bed will require you to abandon your conception of sophomoric flirting tactics and embrace a new set of seduction techniques that will make you a highly successful pick up artist, or PUA.

So, how to flirt with women and get them into bed?

First and foremost, the flirting that is required doesn’t involve flashing you white pearls and biggest smile.  It doesn’t involve showering women with praises.  It doesn’t involve drowning them with attention.

Those are flirting tactics that you should’ve left behind in 5th grade!

Here’s the deal – you will want a super hot babe, or SHB.  Don’t settle for anything less!  You wouldn’t want to go to bed with someone you find remotely attractive, right?  Since you’re going to hit on someone, might as well target the hottest chick in the bar, or the coffee shop, or the internet café, or wherever.

Now, the thing you should realize is that beautiful women are so used to attention and praises.  In fact, these SHBs actually EXPECT such attention and praises from each and every guy they meet.  And guess what?  They actually receive such attention and praises!

But not from you!

Oh no, not from you!  You’ll be different!

This is the very essence of how to flirt with women to get them in bed – by feigning disinterest.

Why is this method very effective?  It’s because you will be showing these SHBs something that they are not used to.  In effect, you will stand out.  You will be different from the other guys they have met before who tried to hit on them immediately.

They will find you mysterious.  They will find you unique.  And more importantly, they will find you challenging.  You will be able to turn the table on them.  Instead of you trying to win their attention, they will be the ones who will try to win yours.

It sounds crazy right now, I know.

But try to penetrate any PUA discussion and you will discover that this approach is the anchor of any seduction technique developed in the sub-culture of pick up experts all over the world.  You wouldn’t see any veteran PUA showering a girl with lavish words and undivided attention.  For PUAs, such is a practice of average frustrated chumps, AFCs who can’t get laid no matter how hard they try.

So, how to flirt with women by feigning disinterest?  Here are the 3 killer tips:

1. Push-pull approach. This technique involves showing interest with the girl one second, and extreme disinterest the next.  It’s a way of teasing her by pretending to give her what she wants, only to take it back later on.  In the middle of a conversation, you can take her hand and place it close to your heart, only to drop it all of a sudden to show her that you don’t fully trust her yet.

2. Performing a takeaway. A takeaway is a tactic whereby that a man employs after meeting a woman.  It involves leaving the woman for a significant period of time – say a few minutes or even an hour – to give the impression that he’s not interested, only to come back later on and restart the conversation.

3. Observing the “Group Theory.” The group theory suggests that a beautiful woman shall always be accompanied by a group during social gatherings.  In order to win the attention of the woman, the man must first win the acceptance of the group by pretending to be disinterested with the woman.

These are the flirting techniques that really work.  This is how to flirt with women based on tried and tested tactics.

Practice these approaches, and soon enough, you’ll be making the “full-close!”

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